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Historical background JSC "Kizlyaragrokompleks"

JSC "Kizlyaragrokompleks" is the successor of the Kizlyar creamery, the history of which begins in the 30s. Until 1933, there was one butter churn in Kizlyar, which belonged to the Vodosvet institution. In 1933, the butter churn was transferred to self-supporting and transferred to the "Krasny Partisan" artel.

Soon a small oil refinery was set up in a poorly adapted building. According to the reports of the City Council, the total number of workers at this enterprise in 1933 was three people. Milk was taken from individual deliverers. The cream was pasteurized in a hot water box heated with reeds. Until 1952, all production processes were carried out manually.

The new oil plant building was built in 1970. The plant was designed to process 25 tons of milk and 1 ton of cream per shift. Progressive equipment for that time was installed: a butter production line, a milk bottling line, equipment for the production of cottage cheese and sour cream, which made it possible to supply the population of the city and the region, as well as other cities of the republic with high-quality dairy products. In addition to the head creamery, there were seven separator departments that received and processed milk from milk distributors in Tarumovsky, Akushinsky, Gunibsky, Levashinsky, Tlyaratinsky, Gergebilsky and other districts.

Chernova Larisa Andreevna - master of whole milk and fermented milk products

In the period from 1970 to 1980, the amount of milk received and processed by the Kizlyar Creamery increased to 80 tons per day and cream to 6-7 tons per season. 180 people worked at the plant and points. In 1982, a new shop for the production of dry skim milk was built, the plant was reconstructed, replaced with more productive equipment for the production of butter, a milk bottling line. In 1987, a residential building was built for the workers of the plant.

On June 8, 1994, the Kizlyar Head Oil Plant was transformed into the Kizlyar Joint Stock Company. Tukuev Magomed Magomedovich was elected General Director.

On June 1, 2000, Kizlyar JSC was renamed into Kizlyaragrokompleks JSC. The full name of the enterprise is Open Joint Stock Company "Kizlyaragrokompleks". OJSC "Kizlyaragrokompleks", the former Kizlyar head oil plant, is located in the north-eastern district of the city of Kizlyar, 2 km from the city center along the street. Communist, 53, the territory occupied by the land use plan is 2.8 hectares.

Kizlyaragrocomplex management and control bodies:

General Meeting of Shareholders, Board of Directors of the Company, Management Board of the Company, General Director.

The Audit Commission is the body controlling the financial and economic activities of the enterprise.

After the transformation of the oil refinery into an open joint stock company, by the way, the first privatized enterprise in the city of Kizlyar, there were many skeptical comments on the feasibility of privatizing our enterprise, predicted the insolvency of the enterprise and even "bankruptcy" and in some ways they were right.

Firstly: due to the lack of raw materials (milk) for processing, the break in partnerships with agricultural enterprises. In order not to be dependent to a large extent on the suppliers of raw materials (milk), the plant positively solved this problem by creating in February 2001 on the basis of a collapsed farm, Elita Breeding Enterprise LLC, whose activities are aimed at growing highly productive breeding cattle. Also, on the basis of the destroyed farm of the SPK Nekrasovka, in April 2004, LLC Agrofirma Molochnik was organized, whose activities are aimed at raising cattle.

High-class specialists of the plant are constantly busy developing, mastering and releasing new types of products, searching for modern packaging design, ensuring its attractiveness, ease of use.

In 2001, a line for the production of chocolate-glazed curds was launched, and the production of whole condensed milk with sugar was launched.

To meet the demand of customers for our products and ensure their sale at real factory prices, bypassing resellers, the plant has created its own distribution network in Kizlyar. In 2001, a trading network was opened in Kaspiysk.

In 2002, a trading network began to form in the city of Makhachkala.

In the middle of 2003, a trading network began to form in the city of Derbent.

In 2003, a hard cheese production workshop was launched, pickled cheese 45%, Dutch cheese 45% began to be produced, and a milk powder production workshop began to operate.< /p>

In 2004, a workshop for the production of Darman natural mineral water and carbonated drinks was opened. At the end of 2004, a trading network was opened in Khasavyurt and Kizilyurt.

In 2005, trading stalls were opened in Yuzhnosukhokumsk and Buynaksk, and a line for the production of processed sausage cheeses was put into operation.

All of the above retail chains in the cities of the Republic of Dagestan continue to operate at the present time.

In 2005, preparatory work began for the independent opening of a dairy complex in the village of Chernyaevka. Specialists were invited: builders, managers of equipment, milking systems, in particular specialists from Westfalia Surge (Moscow). In June 2006 OJSC "Kizlyaragrocomplex" took out a loan in the amount of 60 million rubles. rubles for the purchase of equipment, as well as for the reconstruction and modernization of the livestock complex in the village. Chernyaevka.

In 2006, the company launched a line for the production of sterilized milk in Tetra-Pak packaging with a shelf life of 6 months. In the same year, JSC "KAK" began to master and produce high-quality sausages.

From August 1, 2007, a livestock complex was put into operation in the village. Chernyaevka, 1 barn and the Yolochka milking parlor were put into operation, 147 heads of breeding cattle were purchased.

In December 2008, Kizlyaragrocomplex OJSC changed its legal address, which is located: 368812 Republic of Dagestan, Kizlyarsky district, s. Chernyaevka, st. Lenin. Actual address: 368830 Republic of Dagestan, Kizlyar, st. Communist 53. In 2009, the product sales market expanded: in March, a trading network began to operate in Astrakhan.

In 2009, the products of Kizlyaragrokompleks OJSC began to be produced under a new brand - Darman.


More than 200 items of goods


70 тысяч кв.м. производственных площадей


The company has become one of the leaders in the region in 20 years


5 workshops, with advanced European equipment


Milk processing capacity at the plant is up to 700 tons per day


Products are manufactured in accordance with GOST, HACCP, Halal

Main activities of Kizlyaragrocomplex JSC.

production, procurement, storage, processing and sale of milk and a variety of dairy products, skimmed milk powder, ice cream, children's, dietary and other food products in a wide range;< /p>

production and sale of mineral water and soft drinks;

production and sale of ready-made canned products from meat, poultry meat, meat by-products;

production and sale of various consumer goods, including food and non-food products, that meet modern requirements.

Information about awards, diplomas.

The excellent quality of our dairy products, modern design and packaging forms allowed our company to take part in the “Decade of Dagestan”, which took place in May 2001 in St. Petersburg, where our dairy products received well-deserved praise from the residents of this city, their guests and the organizers of this exhibition, and director Tukuev M.M. for a worthy representation not only of the plant, but of the republic as a whole at this “Decade”, he was awarded a nominal watch “For Merit to the Republic” from the Chairman of the State. Council of the RD Magomedova M.M.

At the All-Russian competition "Milk 2001" in the city of Adler, Krasnodar Territory, they received 4 medals: "gold" - for "Ryazhenka 4%", "silver" - for curd mass "Surprise", "bronze" - for the curd mass "Special", "bronze" - for "Sour cream 20%"

In 2002 at the Interregional Exhibition-Fair "Russian Tradition" in Pyatigorsk "For the high quality of the product" were awarded a gold medal and a diploma for "Sour cream 20%" .

In 2002, at the international seminar "New technologies in the whole-milk sub-sector and ways of their commercialization" in Volgograd for mastering the developments of GNU VNIMI and winning the product review competition "Sour cream 20% fat" the company was awarded a diploma.

In October 2003, at the All-Russian quality competition "Dairy Diet Products 2003" in Adler, 1 gold medal was received for the best samples of dairy products for "Ryazhenka 4% ”, “Sour cream enriched with iodized protein 20%”, , “Bifidok 2.5%” and a diploma, as well as 1 silver medal for “Curd mass with raisins 8%” and a diploma.

In February 2004, at the international forum "Dairy Industry" in Moscow, they were awarded a gold medal and a diploma of the first degree for "Sour Cream 20%", a diploma of the second degree for "Ryazhenka 2.5%".

September 28-30, 2004 at the All-Russian competition of the quality of dairy products "Quality-2004" in Adler in the nomination "The best samples of whole milk products" were awarded a silver a medal and a diploma for “Bifidok 2.5% fat”, “Special curd mass”, “Creamy fruit yogurt 10% fat”, “Ryazhenka 4% fat”, in the nomination “The best examples of functional dairy products” were awarded a gold medal for “ Sour cream 20% enriched with iodized protein.

In 2005, General Director Tukuev M.M. was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation "For many years of conscientious work in the system of the agro-industrial complex and in connection with the professional holiday, the Day of the Worker of Agriculture and the Processing Industry."

April 5, 2005, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Dagestan awarded the team of JSC "Kizlyaragrokompleks" headed by General Director Tukuev M.M. diploma of the second degree for the second place according to the results of the production competition in 2004 among the processing enterprises of the Republic of Dagestan, and personally Tukuev M.M. the gratitude of the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Dagestan "For fruitful, impeccable work and a great contribution to the provision of the population with agricultural products" was announced.

July 13, 2005 By Decree of the State Council of the Republic of Dagestan Tukuev M.M. "For the achieved labor successes and many years of conscientious work" was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Republic of Dagestan personally by the Chairman of the State Council of the Republic of Dagestan Magomedov M.M.

In 2005, at the exhibition-fair "Dagestan Turexpo-2005" JSC "Kizlyaragrocomplex" was awarded a diploma "For the active promotion of tourism opportunities in the Republic of Dagestan".

For participation in the 7th Russian agro-industrial exhibition "Golden Autumn", held in Moscow on October 7-11, 2005, the enterprise was awarded a diploma of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

April 18, 2006, the General Director of Kizlyaragrocomplex JSC was awarded the REOS medal of the Order "For Contribution to the Development of the Russian Economy".

For participation in the 8th All-Russian agro-industrial exhibition "Golden Autumn", held in Moscow on October 6-10, 2006, the enterprise was awarded a diploma of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

In 2006 Tukuev M.M. recognized as one of the most effective managers of enterprises, organizations and institutions in Russia, as a result of which he was awarded the honorary title "Top Manager of the Russian Federation 2006". Encyclopedic information about the laureate of the honorary title is included in the National Encyclopedia of Personalities of the Russian Federation.

In the fall of 2008, the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Dagestan awarded Kizlyaragrocomplex for active participation in the 10th anniversary Russian agro-industrial exhibition-fair "Golden Autumn-2008" at the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow with a certificate of honor.

September 25-27, 2008 at the Sixth Interregional Exhibition-Fair "Dagprodexpo-2008", held in Makhachkala, OJSC "Kizlyaragrocomplex" was awarded a diploma "For active participation in the exhibition-fair.

September 26, 2008, the team of JSC "Kizlyaragrocomplex", director Tukuev M.M. for the victory in the competition "Culture in everything - the formula for the success of Kizlyar residents" in the nomination "The best enterprise for the implementation of the priority national project" Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex "were awarded a diploma from the Administration of the Moscow Region of the city district" City of Kizlyar "and a statuette.

In 2009, the staff of the Republican Center for Social Assistance to Families and Children expressed Gratitude to General Director Tukueva M.M. and the staff of JSC "Kizlyaragrokompleks" for providing charitable assistance to children from socially disadvantaged families.

Наши награды

Prospects, plans for the future

The priority direction of development of JSC "Kizlyaragrokompleks" is an effective investment in the creation of a powerful resource base through the restoration and modernization of existing and construction of new livestock complexes, as well as the breeding of dairy cattle red-steppe and red-and-white breed, breeding of breeding young animals. Within the framework of this direction, it is planned to complete the reconstruction of the livestock complex in the village of Chernyaevka, the construction of new livestock complexes in the Babayurtovsky and Tarumovsky districts of Dagestan for a total of 5,000 head of dairy cows, the construction of another livestock complex in the Kizlyarsky district for 3,000 heads. To increase the production of our own fodder, it is planned to expand the scale of land reclamation.

Another line of development for OJSC Kizlyaragrokompleks is the reconstruction of existing workshops for the production of dairy products and the construction of new facilities, for which equipment has already been purchased in Germany. As part of this direction, it is planned to build a new plant building in a short time, install and launch the purchased equipment, which will allow the production of new types of cheeses, curd products, sausages and pates.

The third direction is the expansion of markets for the products of Kizlyaragrokompleks OJSC outside Dagestan.

Chernyaev Livestock Breeding Complex

OJSC “Kizlyaragrocomplex” includes the Chernyaevsky livestock complex, which was put into operation in August 2007. The complex is designed for 1200 milking heads, equipped with refrigerating tanks of the German company Westfalia Surge, which allows immediately after milking to cool the resulting milk and transport it to the factory in a chilled form. There, part of it is pasteurized and packaged in sealed packaging, and fermented milk products, cheese, butter, curd products are produced from the remaining milk.

The herd of cattle on the farm is exactly the breed that best fits the processing chain that exists here - red-and-white (Halsteinized). The milking process is fully automated and under full control. Automatic milking ensures that milk does not come into contact with aggressive environments. Absolute sterility and perfect purity ensure the high quality of raw materials and make them the most suitable for processing into food.

Today, this farm is one of the few such farms in the Russian Federation. Since its inception, the livestock complex in the village of Chernyaevka has been developing dynamically, but is not yet fully loaded. The number of cattle increased from 147 heads in 2007 to 1142 heads in June 2010, of which 446 heads are dairy herds. For 6 months of 2010 milk yield per forage head amounted to 2073 kg.